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The Three C’s: Create Consistent Content

January 1, 2022

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Content is the backbone of most businesses in today’s day and age, especially those of smaller stature. It’s what allows you to stay relevant, it’s what provides value to your customers, it’s what allows you to share your message, and it’s what allows you to build brand awareness.

While it’s smart to focus your content around your community rather than promotion, it still requires you to develop an effective content marketing strategy. Simply creating content is not enough. You need to create compelling content that your audience consistently engages with, and post during the times they’re most likely to see it. By building out a monthly content plan using a content calendar, repurposing old content, and experimenting with different content ideas, you’ll start dialling in what works and eliminating what doesn’t. Moreover, you’ll be able to remain relevant and continue to provide value, ultimately increasing engagement and experiencing a greater ROI.


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