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Use these prompts to create content for your own site

Father's Day 2022

Do you have a product that is perfect for Dads? If so, hold a Father’s Day special on that item.

Father’s Day Special

Father’s day is less than 2 weeks away! If you offer any products or services that work for men, now is your chance to put them out there! If you don’t have products for men, share a candid post about your best-selling product and why it sells so well! #sharingiscaring

Find the Fruit and Veggie Promo

une is National Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month. If you want to increase traffic, hide an image of a particular piece of produce somewhere on your website or blog. The first person to find it gets a prize! Repeat throughout the month using different images.

Summer cocktail with kiwi
summer drinks on a garden table.

Social Post & Blog Ideas

  • 3 tips for traveling on a budget/with kids/niche related
  • A Father’s Day Gift Idea – mid to early in the month
  • Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Month –a blog for recipes, farmers, etc.
  • A new summer product review
  • 3 easy ideas for the best 4th of July ever
  • [#] back-to-school must-haves
  • A niche-specific solution to a hot weather problem
  • Best ways to camp/experience the great outdoors
  • Top 3 ways to drink more water this summer
  • A new makeover or before-and-after post

Bride & Groom

June is also a popular month for weddings. Do you offer something a bride and/ or groom may want? People are looking to buy unique wedding gifts, so if you have something that can fit, offer a special on it this month!

Summer Sale

Summer will officially begin this month. Offer a special discount on the first day of Summer to celebrate the new season.

4th of July Sneak Peek!

Have a product perfectly patriotic? Run a last-minute last-few-hours-of-June special on your items and reward those early birds who are paying attention to your content!