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Use these prompts to create content for your own site

Stars & Stripes Sale

On the 4th of July, people are celebrating the “Stars and Stripes.” If you have any products with stars or stripes on them, put them on special. (You can still have a 4th of July themed sale, even if you don’t have any stars or stripes on your products!)

Christmas In July

If you still have any Christmas products leftover from last year, put them on sale! You might get some early bird or just Christmas-loving shoppers! Or if you have anything red or green, they can be the center of your Christmas in July sale.

Social Post & Blog Ideas

  • A post about how you celebrate the 4th of July
  • 5 ways to stay cool during the hottest month of the year
  • How to stay motivated [to do something niche related] during the summer
  • A summer book review
  • 3 ways to have more time to yourself this summer (when kids are home)
  • Your Top 5 favorite Ice Creams (because it’s National Ice Cream Month)
  • A new niche-specific solution to a hot weather problem
  • Best ways prevent/treat pesky bug bites
  • Top 3 ways to avoid sunburn this summer
  • A new transformation post with new before-and-afters

Summer Photo Contest

Run a contest where participants comment with a summer fun photo in exchange for entry to win some free swag.

Summer Scavenger Hunt

Increase traffic to your website by hiding 2-4 summer-themed images or emojis somewhere on your website or blog. The first person to find all four wins a predetermined freebie from your product line.

Half Over Sale

The year is now HALF OVER! (Can you believe it?) Have a special 50% off sale on select products and services.