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Use these prompts to create content for your own site

Happy Holidays Sale

In early December, choose 2-3 products or services to discount and hold a special holiday sale. Be sure to give it a timeline and quantity cap to create scarcity.

Holiday Colors Sale

 If you sell any physical products that contain winter or holiday colors (red and green, gold, or blue and white) offer these products at a special discount for a limited time.

Last Minute Shopper Sale

 Mid-December pick your best-selling product or one that makes the best gift and offer it on sale for a very limited time to those looking for a last-minute gift.

Houseplant Christmas tree. Sustainable gift boxes packed in paper and twine. Eco Christmas decor

Social Post & Blog Ideas

  • A post about how you shop for, celebrate, or entertain during the holidays
  • A favorite recipe for a holiday party
  • A holiday related craft idea
  • A post about keeping the kids entertained during the holiday break
  • 5 tips for making practical New Year Resolutions
  • 3 ways to enjoy a holiday party without overdoing it
  • A niche-specific solution to busy holiday related problem
  • Favorite Holiday Cocktail Ideas (include non-alcoholic ideas too)
  • Top 3 ideas for getting organized in the new year
  • A new Winter makeover or before-and-after post

Find the Holiday Spirit Contest

Hide a picture of a holiday-themed item (tree, cookie, star, etc.) in one of your blog posts. Then, make a social media post that explains what is hidden in your recent blog post, and the first person to reply back with the link to where it’s hidden will win something free.

Get Ready For The New Year

In late December, offer a promotion that will help people get ready for the New Year. This is especially great if you offer any products/services that are geared towards health, budgeting, or organizing, as those are some of the most common New Year’s Resolutions.